Where do I begin…

My husband suffers from mental illness and trough this journey with him I have learned a lot. The most important and unfortunate thing I have learned is that there is not a lot of support for both the patient and the families of those who suffer. I wish to be able to help other wives and/or family members to gain some understanding and know that they are not alone. I am by no means a professional (or a wonderful writer for that matter), but I do have the deep desire to share and pray that I am able to help someone else trough my experiences, also to be able to learn from others who go trough the same situation as mine.  Loving and supporting someone with mental illness can be very difficult, exhausting, and at times lonely but I have learned the importance of taking care of ourselves first before we can help our loved ones. As much as we would like our love for them won’t fix them, but showing love and compassion can make all the difference to them. I will begin to post more about my story shortly, I am looking forward to this new blogging journey.

Bless you all 😉


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